The truth will set oy free

The Salvation Army Nottingham Arnold

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Teaching Series From Sun 12th Mar to 30th Apr 2017

The truth will set you free

John 8:31-59

Sun 12th Mar 2017             Major Jo Justice

Truth in the fight

Luke 4:1-13

Sun 2nd April 2017             Major Tim Justice

Uncomfortable Truth

Luke 19:28-44

Sun 9nd April 2017             Major Jo Justice

Truth Triumphs

Romans 6:1-11

Sun 16th April 2017             Major Tim Justice

Transforming Truth

John 21:1-19

Sun 23rd April 2017             Major Jo Justice

Truth to Share

John 20:19-23 & Matthew 28:16-20

Sun 30th  April 2017             Major Tim Justice